Amazon Purchases

You can help the Foundation for Mind Being Research by purchasing books and other merchandise through us from Amazon. We are an Amazon affiliate and receive a small fee whenever you purchase from Amazon.

Here is how it works:

When you go through our store and pick something (like our books) that has been pulled from Amazon, you are tagged with a cookie. Pick a book in the fmbrstore and then go through checkout. You will be taken to Amazon – sign in or create an account with them. You will be remembered in the Amazon system as having come through our store. Thereafter, and for 90 days hence, with that one order, anything you purchase via Amazon will give FMBR an affiliate fee. This will happen even if you decide to remove the book that got you to Amazon.

For example, you pick a book in our store website,, then click on the button to purchase it. You are taken to Amazon, where you decide to continue shopping and get two more things. Then you delete the book in your Amazon shopping cart that came from our store. You still have the two other items in your Amazon shopping cart. Even if you decide to purchase them later and log out of Amazon, and return two weeks later to buy those two items still in your cart, we’ll receive an affiliate fee for them.

When you have completed that first purchase, and paid for it, Amazon forgets that we are an affiliate tagged to your Amazon account shopping cart. But with your next purchase via the FMBR Store, we will again receive an affiliate fee for each item purchased.